January 1, 2012


Happy New Year! 2012 will be a year of a GREAT MANY changes for me and my household, Lord willing! Bryan will leave our home in March for a 3 month internship out in New York. He'll return in mid-May just in time (like, with 24 hours to spare) to attend his college commencement ceremony, and then, two weeks later, will turn around and head back out for a summer internship and possibly a year-long apprenticeship. Amongst the unknowns is the likelihood that, from here on out, he will return to this home only to visit, but not to live. I know it will be bittersweet, but I am happy for him, and I pray that God will bless him and that, in the coming years, He will grant Bryan the desires of his heart...land to farm, sheep, cattle, and chickens to raise, customers to buy the good food he provides, and a family of his own to love and raise for the Lord.

Nathan will leave us in August of this year to go away to college and study electrical engineering. This, too, will be bittersweet and will have its own special anxieties, but, as I am with Bryan, I am happy and excited for Nathan. He has grown up with tremendous challenges, and, with the most beautiful heart of acceptance and obedience to the call of God upon all areas of his life, he has walked with his Lord and has come out the victor in the strength of Christ! I am so incredibly proud of him! Because of Nathan, I have learned so much about submitting to the Lord's will, even when that means suffering and sadness. I know that God has him in the palm of His hand, and I'm excited to see where He takes Nathan in the coming years!

I began blogging in March of 2009. I had a story to tell (it's a free ebook, now), and the story has come full circle. I've said hello to new friendships through blogging, said goodbye to others who've gone from the blogosphere, and have enjoyed reading everyone's stories and the sharing of lives. Yet, I have to admit, I'm tired these days!  God has brought, in the last 3 or 4 months, big changes to our lives in our church, our friendships, and our responsibilities to extended family. It's been emotionally draining in so many ways, and I'm in need of a time of some "bloggy-hibernation" now. Inspired by the posts written by Laura Booz titled, "Social Media, Behave!," I've decided it's a good time to re-evaluate what all I'm doing online. For the month of January (and maybe February, too), my desire is to use the creative and physical time and energy I've spent at here at Blogger on the things that are pulling me right here in my own home and in my community. I hope to come back after this month's time of rejuvination, if things ever slow down here! I'll try to visit your blogs now and then to keep in touch while I'm hibernating for a while! Some of us communicate via phone and email...that is always welcome!

Again, Happy New Year! And now...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Teri said...

Dear Lori...sweetest blessings to you and yours as you take this time away! I will miss you! A blessed New Year to you all! Hugs ♥ Teri

morningstar said...

Oh my what changes! And what a beautiful way to write about it. You always write so well and always give me something to think about!
May your time away be blessed beyond measure!
I am just coming back after a month away and will miss you dear friend. Be blessed! HUGS

Maria said...

Take all the time you need my friend!


Chasity said...

We all need a time of rest and renewal....I wish you all the best!!!!!

Sharity said...

Blessings, Lori! And Happy New Year!

Tamara ♥ said...

Enjoy your time away. May it be a time of refreshment and renewal.

Christine said...

I'm so glad I still get to see you! I know the Lord has wonderful things in store for you. He is faithful.


Phia said...

I shall greatly miss your posts, Mrs. Havens; but, may God give you an even more peaceful rest and contentment in Him, as you take this month to rest.

DoleValleyGirl said...


I can certainly appreciate the feeling of need to step away from the blog and have adjusted down how much time I'll be allowing myself at the keyboard for the month of January. Will be nice to keep at it while stepping back, so to say. :) I wish you and your family well in the new year and pray the Lord's blessings upon you. So pleased to have made your acquaintance here in blogland! In HIM, ~Lisa :)

Shani said...

What changes you will be experiencing this year, my friend! We are going to be going through several changes as well, but no leaving-home ones for us yet. :)

Give me a call when you're home from vacation - and have a lovely time while you're there!
Shani xxx

Mrs. White said...

Enjoy the rest!!


Mrs. White
The Legacy of Home

Tamara ♥ said...

I hope that you are enjoying your hibernation. Just had you on my heart to stop by.

Annie Kate said...

Rest well, Lori. I hope that your time focusing on real life is peaceful and helpful.

It's hard to look forward to a year of changes like that, and I'm sure that adds to all the other challenges.

Rejoice that your boys love the Lord and know what they want to do!


Annie Kate

Phyllis said...

Lori, This is Phyllis from All Things Beautiful. I am so excited to get a postcard from Illinois!! A city one would be fine, but a country one would be even better! Whatever you wish to send us would be great. What dish or snack, etc. would you say represents Illinois? If you would like one in return, please leave me your address as well.
The Bergenholtz's
9 Wheeler Ave.
Betterton, Maryland 21610

My email address is bergfam@atlanticbb.net if you want to contact me.


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