November 3, 2011

Thursday Tea Talk with Ruth...11/3/11

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I'm having...Vanilla -Hazelnut coffee in my Einstein Bagel's travel mug. I'm at the community college with Nathan today, we're hanging out here doing homeschool stuff until noon, when we'll be visiting with his former German professor over lunch. She's been kind to write letters of recommendation for Nathan to the colleges at which he's applying.
I'm feeling... Peevish. This place (the community college) does that to me...I hate it here! I prefer being in the insulated "Christian bubble" of my home and my circle of friends. Here (and right now, as a matter of fact), I sit immersed in the world with all of its foulness. I wish I had brought along headphones so I could blast Christian music into my ears. The conversation of the students sitting ten feet from me is so repulsive, I want to duct tape their mouths...or my ears. But we are in a place with good WiFi, and Nathan is doing his online Advanced Physics class right now until noon, so we're stuck here today until we can go to the cafeteria for lunch. At least he has headphones on and is engrossed in 6 kg blocks travelling at 4.25m/s that collide with 0.8kg blocks sitting on the edge of a 1.25m tall table with no friction...etc., etc., etc..
On my mind... College looming large for my youngest son. The applications are in (we just need one more letter sent from his professor), and - LORD willing - he'll know what his options are by the end of this year.
Also on my mind... The spring internship search for my oldest son. We've made contact with several pasture-based, organic sheep farms that we found online which offer internships. Praying that God would make our intuition and senses very keen and sharp, so we would make moves oh so carefully! The internet can show exactly what we want it to show. Bryan will need to live wherever he interns for nine weeks. So we need to be careful, and we need God to guide us all the way.

My theme verse for November:
 ‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD,
‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.’
(Jeremiah 29:11)

My silly dog, who always likes to come to Tea Talk.
Sunny is still limping, but not quite as badly. However, her front leg is now acting a bit funny,

probably because of putting extra weight on it due to pain in the hind leg.
Nonetheless, she still seems happy!

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Jerralea said...

I hear you on wanting to duct-tape some people's mouths ... why do they want to talk that way? It only shows ignorance...

Anyway, I do hope that your sons find their right places in the world. God will guide their footsteps if they are willing ... and I love the scripture you shared. It's definitely one to hold on to when the future looks scary!

God bless!

PlainJane said...

I love how you are always so involved with your sons' lives and such a good cheerleader. Wishing you God's blessings on their future...and yours.

Christine said...

Yeah, I was at JJC yesterday morning. I still don't think it's as bad as COD. Either way, it's the world. :(

I love your description of physics. That sounds about right, and I'm glad I never really had to deal with it. I'm glad Nathan likes it!

Give Sunny a pat for me, and we'll see you tomorrow. :)


Ruth said...

I totally understand your feeling being immersed in the world out there. Many times I feel like running after girls to give them fabrics to cover themselves. These are girls wearing their school uniform. I wonder how teachers are able to tolerate the sight.
you post reminds me of my son in another country. He is in a Catholic university so it's a bit more conservative than other universities but still it's hard not to be with him there. I checked his new friends' FB account and I'm concerned what these kids are capable much trash spoken online :(

I'm claiming that verse for my children so that I don't have to worry for their future.

It's a privilege to be praying for you and your family.


Shani said...

Oh, the current young "adult" culture! I'm so sorry you had to sit there through that; PTL that Nathan was oblivious. :)

Have you heard of or looked into CollegePlus? We are considering it as a college option.

Home today with a sick boy; cancelled field trip and we are in don't-spread-the-fever-germs lockdown... would be a good day to catch up with a friend on the phone... ;)
Have a lovely weekend!


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