October 30, 2011

Journey #3 Into Nourishing Traditions...First Everyday-type Food is Mayonnaise!

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Step 1: Make NT Yoghurt (see Lesson 1)
Step 2: Separate the NT Yoghurt into Cream Cheese and Whey (see Lesson 2)
Step 3: Start using the whey! Today I made NT Mayonnaise ... easy-peasy, and boy, is it yummy!

Locate the Nourishing Traditions Mayonnaise recipe on page 137.
  • Eggs need to be at room temperature...so set them out ONE HOUR BEFORE you want to begin making this.
  • If you add whey to your mayo, which I did, the finished mayo needs to sit out on the countertop for 7 hours before refrigerating. So be sure to finish making your mayo at least 7 hours before you want to go to bed!!! 
These are the ingredients:
  • Using olive oil results in a VERY strong olive-oily tasting mayonnaise. I chose the alternative provided in the NT cookbook, which is organic, cold-pressed sunflower oil.
  • If you have a food processor (I do), this whips up beautifully. If you try to do it with a hand whisk, you'll likely have a liquidy mess. A good blender can work, and an immersion-blender (stick-blender) does a great job, too.
  • MAKE SURE YOUR EGGS ARE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE, and make sure they're organic and farm-fresh, not the factory-farmed variety from the typical U.S. grocery store.
  • Be sure to whip up the eggs well before you start adding oil. Everything needs to be mixed together first...then, add the oil verrrrrry sloooowwwwwly, at first, until it starts looking nice and creamy. Then you can speed up the process to add the remaining oil. (In my food processor, I just added it in a slow, steady stream, and it worked great.)
Mix everything in according to the recipe...go slow on adding the oil, especially at first. It takes a little bit to emulsify. If you go too fast, you'll have separation of oil and other stuff. Here's what mine looked like:

Next, taste and add lemon juice, salt, whatever...until you like it. I added a bit more lemon juice and a bit more sea salt. Yes, mom, I tasted something made with raw eggs that had set out on my countertop for an hour...I did not die (not yet, leastways)...

Transfer to a glass jar, and then, if yours is like mine and includes whey as an ingredient...


...leave it out on the countertop for 7 more hours!!! (Yep, Mom...now we're leaving mayonnaise, made with raw eggs, out to "brew" on the countertop for 7 hours...and then I'm going to feed it to my precious family! Can you believe it???)

This is a something of a leap of faith for me - the "germophobe registered nurse" who was brought up by the mayonnaisophobic mother - but I'm buying the Nourishing Traditions story about whey-including-mayo, and I'm stickin' with it. If I'm not back blogging here in a few days, well...

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Rashel said...

Ok, I learned something else we have in common, I too am (was) a registered nurse. I have not kept my license up since staying home with my children. I'm so glad you tried this and love it! I may wait a little bit to join in on this one simple because we have open mayo containers in the fridge and therefore I know this would go unused until those are empty. So, when I run out, I'll be sure to make my own NT mayonaise. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and am loving it and your wonderful sense of humor! Looking forward to return visits and tips on Nourishing Traditions.

All the best from Florida,
Andrea S.


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