September 7, 2011

Rearranging the Kitchen...Function Trumps Form

I spent my day today rearranging my kitchen. Not the furniture...oh, no. The table goes where the table goes. There's not much room to play there!

No, this rearrangement involved the countertops, the small appliances, the storage closets (from the kitchen to the mudroom to the hallway and into the adjancent "library" room closet.

This was a big rearrange today. And it was all about FUNCTIONALITY.

The kitchen is the heart of the home in so many ways. And though I'm married to an architect, who is terribly picky when it comes to how things in the home look, the kitchen is MY workhorse-room, and I've decided that I need to arrange everything in such a way that I am motivated to work in it for the hours that I need to work in it.

That means that the kitchen's small appliances need to line the countertops, so they are easy to get to, as opposed to being "hidden away" in closets and on shelves in the other room to avoid the countertops looking "cluttered."

The job of a homemaker involves lots and lots of plain, old-fashioned work. Much of that work takes place in the kitchen. If you're a homemaker, like me, you either have a well-organized, working kitchen, or you have a hodge-podge of disorganization that causes stress and/or procrastination in the kitchen. Perhaps it's time to clear the countertops completely, scrub them down, and then "re-design" that space.

I'll be finishing my re-do this week, and then I'll post pics on Tuesday, 9/13 on my "Tuesday Project Party."
UPDATE: View the finished project HERE. 
I'd love to see your kitchen organization photos, or any other project you're working on or have finished off. Join me then!
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1 comment:

morningstar said...

I agree! Now if I could just get my dd 17 to quit putting all the small applainces away and out of reach! I like them handy. When I went to my sisters for a few weeks this summer I came home and had to hunt for all of the applainces! She had put them all away to make the counter tops look neat and tidy. I applaud her for this but I cannot cook in a neat and tidy kitchen!


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