July 26, 2011

Tuesday Project Party..."Whispering Again"

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This Tuesday morning I am actually on the road with my youngest son, Nathan, who will be 18 in September, and my hubby. We are coming home from a campus visit to Iowa State University, where Nathan has considered the Engineering College. Though it's a great school, for various reasons Nathan feels it is not a good fit for him, but he will keep it tucked in his "back pocket" in case his top picks do not work out. Nonetheless, it's been a great trip since this is my dh's alma mater! We've had fun visiting his old dorm, his old frat house, and the design center where he spent sooooo many hours, months, and years (he's an architect)! Memory Lane is sure fun.

In addition to getting this major summertime-before-the-senior-year-of-high-school-task completed, before we left I forced myself out of my overwhelmed paralysis, pulled out the Whisper Mill and the Bosch Universal mixer, and finally ground up some flour and baked some bread. I have not done this for close to a year, I'm sad to admit. Gosh, it tastes good!

Next week I should have something more impressive to report...but with a road trip this week, there wasn't time to photograph and complete the bigger projects on my list. Next week will see me in the kitchen again...BIG TIME!

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morningstar said...

Lori your bread looks lovely! I would love to learn about grinding wheat...but to convince dh...I am sure it is so much better for you. Praying! Have a safe trip. Blessings to you Tina

Country Girl in the City said...

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I must say, I will have to sit and have a look at yours with a cup of coffee soon, you have some topics I am interested in.

That bread looks wonderful, would love to see the recipe. I have been interested in grinding my own wheat and would like to learn more about it.

You were asking where I got mangos for such a good price. I think they were just a sale at my grocery store (called Superstore) for a couple of weeks. Normally they cost a lot more here too. I will have to try mango salsa some time. I have never had it before.


Christine said...

Oh, Lori, How wonderful for you! Good job, my dear chef friend! Nothing like homemade bread. Your "kiddo" has been an excellent guest. He was like a son-for-a-day!!

Happy roading today!!


Canadagirl said...

You are doing so well. One thing at a time and one step at a time. Soon this whirl wind will slow down and you will be able to get your hands on some projects. I know lately my handiwork has gone untouched because I have been so busy trying to make food that hubby and I can eat on the Maker's Diet. I am getting things figured out and soon it will become second nature.

I can't wait to hear where Nathan ends up going. Praying blessings on the search and decision making.

Blessings and ((HUGS))!

Sharity said...

Yum! Nothing like fresh baked bread. I have yet attempted to make bread from scratch without a breadmaker. Someday I will try.



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