July 16, 2010

Friday FarmGirls@Heart ~ New Home, New Meme!

Today is the day that I finally finished the design of my blog's new home...for now, anyway! I've been "prompted" to offer up a new meme, and I decided that now is as good a time as any.

So, welcome to...
Friday FarmGirls @ Heart with IllinoisLori!
(You can grab a 150px wide button below...)

I am so drawn to all things agrarian, even though we live in the uber-suburbs of Chicago!  I love to try my hand at growing food, though I have to do it in pots and containers on my concrete patio; I love to look into the eyes of sheep and goats while I scratch their faces, though I have to do it at either our County Fair or someone else's farm, to which I have to drive long distances; I love to shop at my local farmers markets, where I ALWAYS ask, "did you grow this yourself?"  before I buy; I love to support CSA's and local organic food coops when I can afford to; I love to take agrarian vacations and do agrarian-related activities whenever possible.

In short, I am a FARMGIRL @ HEART!!!

So, who should join in the fun of this new meme?  Anyone who has written or would like to write about:

*Something they've grown, or are growing...

*Something they're cooking in their kitchen that is made from REAL FOOD,
not processed food product...

*Something they've made themselves with their own two hands instead of buying it a ***-Mart...

*Something they've done with their way of life that's connected them back to this beautiful green earth (what's left of it!) that God has given us...

*Their "Farmers' Heart" dreams, for those who, like me, live in the cities and suburbs...

If you can see yourself in any of these, or if you have another idea that fits in here, write a post and link up!  You do not need to join in every single week...but I'd sure love it if you did! 

Here's how to join the fun:
1) Grab an FFG (Friday FarmGirls) Button for your blog and post it in your sidebar so others can join with you.  I have 3 styles you can choose from:




2) Write your post and publish it on Friday...be sure to put your FFG Button at the top of your post, and link it to my blog, http://www.illinoislori.blogspot.com/ 
so your friends will know where to come to join in each week.

3) Add your name and the URL of your post to the "Mister Linky" provided at the end of my post each week.

4) Leave me a comment, and visit the blogs of the other participants listed and leave them comments as well.  If you visit and leave comments, you'll be visited and receive comments...it's as simple as that!

I look forward to reading all the neat things you have to share!  Have fun with it!



Shani said...

*snort* Helloooo... this is ME!!!! lol :) Will be back to join... thinking I'm going to link my blanket... oh, I have my cupcakes from this week, too... Hmmm.... Decisions, decisions, decisions.... :)

Happy Saturday!
Love and ((HUGS)),
Shani, who is writing from under her stripey goodness this morning still in bed :)

Katia said...

Hi Lori, I remember you from Carol's blog. Welcome to Blogspot.
I like this meme, I am like you I live in the city but do a lot of things like if I was in the country. Can it be anything, or just food related posts?? I make my own soap, jellies and preserves, crochet, quilt.

Tina said...

I think this is wonderful and completely look forward to joining in on the fun and sharing!

Tina said...

Okay, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, and I think I got it right. What wonderful timing that I was able to publish my first post in six months on Friday!

Tina said...

Here's my latest Friday Farmgirl post: http://ruralurbandweller.blogspot.com/2012/05/its-tick-dear.html

Is this a good spot to share, or am I missing something?

Illinois Lori said...

Hi Tina! If I don't have my post ready, just leave me a note with your post URL in my cbox...I'll grab it from there!

Tina said...

Posted the new link for today here. Not sure if that was right or not. I don't think I have a clear understanding of where you want it. Sorry if I'm making it a hassle for you. Just set me straight...LOL!

Have a lovely weekend, Lori!


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